Stone Crab Season is Oct. 15 – May 1   |   2-Hour Express Miami Delivery Available Now! | Order by 2pm for Next-Day Nationwide Delivery.

Claw Size: Colossal
Stone Crab Claws - Colossal
Nationwide Stone Crab Delivery - holy Crab
Holy Crab Stone Crab Delivery
Fresh,Never Frozen Stone Crab Delivery - holy Crab
Fresh,Never Frozen Stone Crab Delivery - holy Crab
Nationwide Stone Crab Delivery - holy Crab
Fresh,Never Frozen Stone Crab Miami
Fresh,Never Frozen Stone Crab Miami
Nationwide Stone Crab Delivery - holy Crab
Nationwide Stone Crab Delivery - holy Crab
Holy Crab Stone Crab Delivery
Nationwide Stone Crab Delivery - holy Crab
Stone Crab Claws - Colossal

Stone Crab Claws – Colossal

Nationwide Delivery and Local Pickup

(7 customer reviews)


  • Freshly Caught Florida Stone Crab Claws
  • Nationwide-Shipping, Local Delivery & Pickup Options
  • Customize Your Stone Crab Order
  • Recommended: ~1.5 lbs of Stone Crab per Person
  • Holy Crab’s Special Dipping Sauce Included
Claw Size: Colossal

  • Add premium cuts of Wagyu Beef to complete your feast.

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  • Add a whole pie from Key Lime Pie Co.

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  • Enter your zip code to view delivery options.

    You are eligible for overnight shipping and local Miami pickup.

    Overnight Shipping: Order by 2 PM for next-day shipping in the USA. Your claws will be delivered fresh, pre-cooked, and uncracked.

    Local Pickup: We also offer local pickup at our Miami location inside of MKT Kitchen.

    To preserve freshness, we only offer pre-cracked claws for local Miami delivery and pickup.

    You are eligible for 2-hour express Miami delivery or local pickup.

    2-Hour Delivery: Your claws will be delivered fresh and ready to eat! No cooking is required - stone crab claws are served cold.

    Local Pickup: We also offer local pickup at our Miami location inside of MKT Kitchen.

    Choose Extra Options:

    Every order includes Holy Crab’s special dipping sauce. To add extra sauce, select your amount. 

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    For your convenience, we offer pre-cracked claws for local customers only.

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How to Crack and Eat a Stone Crab Claw

Florida Keys Stone Crab Claws Shipped Nationwide

Fresh, Never Frozen Stone Crab

Our Stone Crabs are caught and cooked daily right off the boat from the Florida Keys. 

Stone crabs are low in calories and are rich in protein. The succulent meat is loaded with minerals and nutrients.

Speedy Nationwide Delivery

Holy Crab Delivery leverages modern shipping advancements to offer you the best stone crab claws shipped fresh daily.

We offer overnight delivery nationwide in the USA if you order by 2 PM and 2-hour delivery in our Miami locations. See if you qualify!

Experience a Miami Tradition

Crack open the delicious stone crab claws and you’ll be rewarded with the succulent stone crab meat which local Floridians have enjoyed for generations.

When stone crab claws are on the table, it’s a cause for celebration.

"Delivered right on time the next-day!"

Excellent customer service!

Purchased a selection of large claws to be shipped to my son and his wife in St. Louis, MO. Delivered right on time the next day.

They were fresh and delicious.

Amanda N.


"My new go-to for stone crabs!"

From preparation to presentation, everything about this company is amazing! The stone crabs are fresh and delicious at a great price. I would highly recommend it.

Holy Crab is my new go-to for stone crabs!

Catherine R.


"Fresh and perfectly cracked. Awesome presentation."

Lynette F.


"Perfect customer service experience!"

The crabs were fresh, delicious, and delivered on time. Highly recommend!

Mia E.


"Delicious is an understatement!"

Amazing service! Don't know why it took me so long to write this review, but I can't wait for next year's stone crab season so I can order from them again!!

Delicious is an understatement. Also, their mustard is to die for.

Melodies V.


Stone Crab Claws

Everything You Need to Know

How much is delivery to my location?

Delivery rates are calculated based on a mile radius from our Coral Gables location. We strongly recommend you go through the checkout process to get the most accurate pricing. Feel free to contact us if you are outside of our delivery zone so that we can accommodate you accordingly. 

How much sauce comes with my order?
We will provide a complimentary 3.5 oz. the container of mustard sauce for every pound of stone crab. You will have an option to add more during checkout.  
What is the recommended serving size?
The recommended serving size for Stone Crabs is 1.5lbs per person. So, dinner for 2 would be 3 lbs., dinner for 4 would be 6lbs, etc. Claw count varies by claw size selected. 
Where are Holy Crab stone crabs from?

Our Stone Crabs are caught and cooked daily right off the boat from the Florida Keys. Our policy is fresh never frozen!

When does stone crab season start?
The Florida Stone Crab Season opens on Thursday, October 15th and ends May 1st. Our crabs are fresh, never frozen.
Are stone crabs healthy?
Yes, stone crabs are low in calories and are rich in protein. The delicate meat is loaded with minerals and nutrients.

How Does It Work?

Enjoy fresh stone crab from anywhere in the USA with our trusted process.

We Catch Stone Crab

Our fishermen from the Florida Keys catch fresh stone crab daily.

We remove just one claw and release the stone crab back into the water. The Stone Crab will grow its claw back by next season.

We Boil and Ice for 8 Min.

We cook the stone crab, so you don't have to.

When you receive the stone crab delivery, it is ready to eat out of the box - no prep required! Stone crab is served cold.

We Pack with Ice

Our stone crabs are caught fresh daily and never frozen.

We ship nationwide with gel packs to keep them at the perfect temperature overnight.

You will receive your claws at the perfect temperature!

We Deliver

Our stone crab is available for same-day delivery and pickup in Miami, or nationwide overnight shipping.

Enjoy as soon as possible for maximum freshness!

How To Prepare Your Stone Crab Claws

No cooking or boiling necessary!

Our Florida stone crab claws come pre-cooked and ready to serve.

All orders from Holy Crab come accompanied with a 3.5 oz container of homemade mustard sauce, as well as a bib and branded mallet to complete your Stone Crab experience.

 3 Steps to Prep Stone Crab:

  1. Your stone crab claws will ship overnight with frozen gel packs. Remove the stone crab claws from your delivery box.
  2. Place the stone crab on a plate or a container without a lid, and store them in your refrigerator.
  3. When you are ready to eat, simply use the mallet to crack into the meat, dip into our mustard sauce, and enjoy.For more detailed cracking steps, watch the video!
What is the shelf life of cracked stone crabs?
You can eat them the following day, but we recommend that you eat them the day you receive them if they are cracked. 
What are the black spots on my stone crab?
The black spots are little bruises from sea urchins’ spines and scrapes from the ocean floor. We agree that they are a bit un-easy on the eye, especially if you are not aware that this is perfectly normal and edible still. Our recommendation is to dip it in some sauce and enjoy.
What is the shelf life of un-cracked stone crabs?
They will last up to a week but taste better the sooner they are eaten. We doubt they will stay uneaten long! 

Step 1

Choose Your Stone Crab Claw Size

Learn More About Stone Crab Claws Sizes

Colossal Stone Crab

Stone Crab Claws


Colossal Stone Crab

Stone Crab Claws


Colossal Stone Crab

Stone Crab Claws


Colossal Stone Crab

Stone Crab Claws


Colossal Stone Crab

Stone Crab Claws


Colossal Stone Crab

Stone Crab Claws


Colossal Stone Crab

Stone Crab Claws


Colossal Stone Crab

Stone Crab Claws


Florida Stone Crab is One of the Most Sustainable Things You Can Eat

Florida Stone Crab Claws are only available during stone crab season which runs from October 15th to May 1st. Fishermen remove only 1 claw and release the stone crab back into the ocean to regenerate by next season.

Holy Crab supports sustainable fishing. Read about how stone crab is both sustainable and delicious.

What makes stone crabs sustainable?
Aside from being delicious, stone crabs are 100% sustainable. They are the ultimate renewable seafood resource. Only one claw is removed during harvest. The crab is then released back into the water where it will regrow its claw 6-7 x during its life.  

Customer Reviews

7 reviews for Stone Crab Claws - Colossal

  1. Paul S.

    DELICIOUS crab, sauce is great too! Great for a fun night with family and friends.

  2. Maria B.

  3. Leah Meyer

    Such an awesome dinner experience! Ordered this for a dinner with a couple friends, and we were all beyond impressed. The stone crab arrived exactly when we wanted, and we got notifications along the way, so I could follow along. Not to mention the crab itself is delicious with the Holy crab mustard sauce. Truly a delicacy!

  4. Barbara

  5. Chi Tran

    The best Colossal stone crab ever. This is my first time to order online from Holy Crab Delivery and it is perfect customer service, great fresh colossal stone crab I have ever had. Highly recommendation.

  6. james weigkley (verified owner)

  7. Susan Phillips (verified owner)

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Order Stone Crabs Online

Gourmet stone crab claws are perfect for dinner parties, lunch dates, or fancy family dinners.

  • Fresh, Never Frozen Stone Crabs
  • Includes 2.5 oz Mustard Sauce, Bib, & Mallet
  • Ships Cooked With Frozen Gel Packs
  • Keep Refrigerated, Store Up To 4 Days
  • Seafood Cannot Be Delivered To A PO Box
  • Mallet: 2.5"W x 8"L; Rock Maple Hardwood

Stone Crab Claw Serving Size Table

Claw Size# of GuestsSuggested Lbs.# of ClawsPricePrice/Lb

Special Holy Crab Mustard Sauce Included

Mustard Sauce Ingredients:
Canola Mayonnaise (Cage-Free Egg Yolk, Water, Honey Distilled Vinegar, Cage-Free Egg Contains 2% Of Salt, Spice, Lemon Juice Concentrate, Tocopherols (Vitamin E)), Worcestershire Sauce (Distilled White Vinegar, Molasses, Water, Sugar, Onions, Anchovies, Salt, Garlic, Cloves, Tamarind Extract, Natural Flavorings, Chili Pepper Extract), Mustard Powder, Organic Steak Sauce, Organic Tomato Puree, Organic White Vinegar, Organic Worcestershire Sauce, Organic Molasses, Water, Organic Cane Sugar, Sea Salt, Organic Caramel Color, Organic Garlic Powder, Organic Spices, Spices, Xanthan Gum, Organic Raisins, Organic Orange Juice Concentrate, Salt, Onions, Organic Heavy Cream (Contains Milk, Eggs, & Fish)