Meat Cut: 4 Burger Patties

4 American Wagyu Burger Patties

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4 Pack of Wagyu Ground Beef Burger Patties

  • Highly-marbled American Wagyu Burger Patties
  • Comes in a 4 pack
  • Perfect balance of full-flavor and silky texture
  • No artificial ingredients, hormones, or antibiotics

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Wagyu Beef Type

Meat Cut: 4 Burger Patties

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American Wagyu Beef Shipped Nationwide

Trusted Source for American Wagyu Beef

Holy Crab is your trusted source for premium cuts of American Wagyu.

Create a spectacular surf and turf dinner with American Wagyu New York Steak and Ground Beef.

Premium Cuts of Wagyu Beef

It is minimally processed with no artificial ingredients, added colors, hormones, or antibiotics.

It is our goal to provide you with premium cuts of American Wagyu to enrich your culinary toolkit and to delight your dinner party guests at the same time.

We always hand-select natural American Wagyu beef from the best farms throughout the United States. 

“Delivered right on time the next-day!”

Excellent customer service!

Purchased a selection of large claws to be shipped to my son and his wife in St. Louis, MO. Delivered right on time the next day.

They were fresh and delicious.

Amanda N.


“Perfect customer service experience!”

The crabs were fresh, delicious, and delivered on time. Highly recommend!

Mia E.


American Wagyu Beef

Everything You Need to Know

How much is delivery to my location?

Our delivery rates range from $45-$70 depending on your location in the United States. We recommend going through the checkout process to see your rate.

How do I cook American Wagyu Beef?

Although the prepping and cooking process may be similar to other types and cuts of meat, American Wagyu separates itself due to its high marbling.

According to masterclass, “Marbling is the white flecks of intramuscular fat in meat, most notably red meat. The fat in lean muscle creates a marble pattern—hence the name. Marbling affects meat’s juiciness, tenderness, texture, and flavor—attributes that determine “eating experience.”

In this case, more of all the above is better.”


Stay light on the seasoning as you want the Wagyu to do the heavy lifting when it comes to your dining experience.

Feel free to sprinkle a “Salt-Bae” amount of salt and pepper around all sides of the meat about an hour or two before you start grilling.

Set the temperature of the grill to medium heat.

Once it reaches the medium temp, allow the steak to sit on each side for an amount of 2-4 minutes. A good guide to what internal temperature to reach to hit optimal dining for you and your guests would be:

  • 135° Medium Rare
    145° Medium
    150° Medium Well
    160° Well Done
How is American Wagyu Beef packaged?

Your order will be shipped frozen via dry ice.

Your order will arrive via FedEx Overnight delivery to ensure your order arrived as frozen as possible, even though a tab bit of defrosting during transit is totally okay.

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