Stone Crab Season is Oct. 15 – May 1   |   Order by 2pm for Next-Day Nationwide Delivery.  |   2-Hour Express Miami Delivery Available Now!

 Stone Crab Delivery

Florida stone crab claws shipped overnight nationwide. Local? Order stone crab online for fast delivery or pickup.


Florida Stone Crab Delivery

Easy, Overnight Shipping Anywhere in the USA

Our fishermen from the Florida Keys provide us with daily catches to ensure the freshest claws.

Serve Your Guests a Delicious Delicacy

Holy Crab provides fresh, never frozen Stone Crabs from their boats in the Florida Keys, straight to your door in 24 hours.

The crustacean is highly sought after for its delicate, succulent taste, and richness in protein. 

The coveted Stone Crab is only available while in season from October 15 to May 1. Approximately 98% of all Stone Crabs are caught off the Florida coast.

The Stone Crab claw can be broken down into 3 parts—the Claw and the two knuckles. With the mallet, hit the knuckle until the shell of the stone crab has cracked. Peel off the shell, similarly to a hard-boiled egg, and dip the meat into the mustard sauce.

Enjoy and repeat!

2-Hour Express Delivery

For customers in our Miami express delivery zone

Next-Day Delivery

Order by 2 PM from anywhere in the USA. 

Same Day Pickup

Order stone crabs online for pickup from our Miami location.

Choose Your Stone Crab Claw Size

Stone Crab Claws Shipped Directly to You

Colossal Stone Crab

Stone Crab Claws

Colossal Stone Crab

Stone Crab Claws

Colossal Stone Crab

Stone Crab Claws

Colossal Stone Crab

Stone Crab Claws

About Holy Crab

Holy Crab was born out of the ownership’s vision to bring friends and family together in the comfort of their homes by providing fresh stone crabs delivered straight to their door.

Sustainable Crab Claws

We take great pride in the sustainability and preservation of our stone crabs, by ensuring our fishermen uphold the standards to only remove one claw per harvest, as well as providing packaging made from 100% recycled materials.

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What Our Customers Say

"The crabs were the best! A real treat for us living in Pittsburgh PA. Loved the mustard sauce as well. Would purchase again."

- Kate Tanning

"The experience was great! We ordered for pick up and it was ready at the time we had placed. The container is very chic and perfect for keeping the stone crabs cold. We loved all the attention to detail: the hammer, bibs and the sauce! We will definitely order from Holy Crab again soon!"

- Norman Frank

"SO delicious! Incredible prices for stone crabs. We were truly impressed by the quality and customer service we received. It made for such a special and fun dinner at home. 10/10 recommend!"

- Sofia Borges

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