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Elevate your feast with our stone crab extras, including rich mustard sauce and durable cracking mallets, for the ultimate crab cracking experience

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Try Holy Crab Delivery if you love fresh stone crab claws. Whether you sell them, buy them in bulk, or just want to enjoy them, this is the perfect option for you. We’re proud to present an extensive variety of sizes, ideal complements, and unbeatable pricing tailored to fit any budget. We hope that you’ll add a key lime pie to complete the meal as the perfect dessert.

Holy Crab Delivery offers a variety of food options to make your events and special occasions memorable. Our carefully selected collection is designed to assist you in preparing a fantastic feast for your loved ones. It includes top-notch stone crab claws, delicious king crab legs, traditional key lime pie, and our flavorful mustard sauce. To enhance your experience, we also offer essential stone crab extras such as our rich mustard sauce for dipping and durable cracking mallets, ensuring you have everything you need for the perfect crab feast. Dive into a preview of our best-selling and featured stone crab claws collection, including sizes from medium to the impressive colossal.

Fresh, Never Frozen Stone Crab

Our Stone Crabs are caught and cooked daily right off the boat from the Florida Keys.

Stone crabs are low in calories and are rich in protein. The succulent meat is loaded with minerals and nutrients.

Speedy Nationwide Delivery

Holy Crab Delivery leverages modern shipping advancements to offer you the best stone crab claws shipped fresh daily. We offer the best online crab delivery.

We offer overnight delivery nationwide in the USA if you order by 2 PM and 2-hour delivery in our Miami locations. See if you qualify!

Extras to Elevate Your Experience

Dive into the full Holy Crab Delivery experience with our specially curated crab extras. Our selection of extras is meticulously designed to complement your stone crab feast, turning each meal into a celebration of flavors and convenience.

  • Gourmet Mustard Sauce: Elevate your stone crab indulgence with our signature stone crab mustard sauce. This delicately balanced sauce blends tangy, spicy, and sweet notes, making it the perfect accompaniment to our fresh, succulent crabs. It’s not just a sauce; it’s an essential experience for any seafood lover.
  • Durable Cracking Mallets: No crab feast is complete without the right tools. Our cracking mallets are designed for ease and efficiency, ensuring you can savor every bit of delicious crab meat. These mallets are a must-have crab add-on for enthusiasts looking to enjoy their feast to the fullest.
  • Traditional Key Lime Pie: Cap off your meal with a slice of Florida’s finest – our traditional key lime pie. Its creamy, tangy flavor perfectly complements the rich taste of stone crab, making it an irresistible finale to your dining experience.

Whether you’re seeking the enhanced flavors of our sauces, the practicality of our crab add-ons, or the sweet finish of our key lime pie, Holy Crab Delivery’s extras offerings ensure a complete and satisfying feast. Elevate your next seafood meal with our carefully selected extras, crafted for the ultimate in dining pleasure.

Stone Crab Extras FAQs

What is included in a stone crab order?

All orders from Holy Crab come accompanied with a container of homemade mustard sauce, as well as a bib and branded mallet (nationwide shipping orders only) to complete your Stone Crab experience.

Does mustard sauce cost extra?

Not necessarily – a container of mustard sauce is included in every stone crab order, however if you would like to add more or purchase for other crabs you are able to do so.

Does a mallet come with my order?

A single mallet is included on nationwide shipping orders. Local delivery orders are pre-cracked and do not include a mallet.