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6 Best Seafood & Crab Delivery Services

May 28, 2021 | Seafood Delivery

Stone crab season only lasts from October 15 - May 1, which means we can't offer stone crab delivery in the summer months. This is important for the sustainability of this delectable crustacean.

Nationwide Seafood & Crab Delivery Online

But don't fret just yet, we have come up with a list of the 5 best seafood & crab delivery services that deliver the finest quality seafood directly to your door.

These seafood delivery companies offer the finest quality meat and ship overnight to ensure the seafood is fresh when it's delivered to you.

Entertain your guests with a massive seafood feast or order crab legs for a special dinner with your partner. The best seafood delivery will have you coming back again and again.

1. The Crab Place

Seafood Delivery Service Specializing in Online Crab Delivery

Order Crabs Online / Get Crab Prices

If you are looking for crab delivery all year long, look no further than The Crab Place, the largest online blue crab retailer. The Crab Place ships fresh seafood that is caught daily by local Maryland fishermen. While they specialize in blue crab, they offer a variety of different types of crab, such as Alaskan king crab and snow crab. They even offer crab meat already prepped and ready to be added to your favorite crab recipes such as crab dip or crab cakes. Speaking of crab cakes, the handmade blue crab cakes from The Crab Place are customer favorite.

While you may think the name suggests they only offer crab, The Crab Place actually delivers seafood of many types. You can create a full seafood feast by adding scallops, shrimp, oysters, and lobster to your crab delivery order.

2. Lummi Island Wild

Fresh sustainable seafood delivered to your home.

If you are a true seafood lover, than you may want o check out Lummi Island Wild. They offer everything from Wild Salmon delivery to Dungness crab leg delivery.

Holy Crab recommends the Lummi Yummi subscription box which willl include fresh wild-caught, sustainable seafood delivered to your door on a monthly basis.

Enjoy the highest quality seafood which is caught with sustainable methods and has received the highest recommendation awarded by the Monterey Bay Aquarium Seafood Watch.

3. LobsterAnywhere

Seafood Delivery Service Specializing in Fresh Maine Lobster

LobsterAnywherere has been serving the country for over three decades. Specializing in Lobster, they are known for there customer service. Not only do they provide overnight shipping, but a toll free number is also available for any issues along the way.

They work with local fishermen to get the best catch of the day. When the premium Lobsters are selected, they are than put in a custom lobster holding tank. It is that holding tank that the lobster is selected for you and shipped to your door. Known for their quality you will always get the best Live Maine Lobster. LobsterAnywhere is a wholesaler, so not only will you get best lobster, you will get it for the best price best there is no middleman.

4. Alaskan King Crab

Seafood Delivery Service Specializing in Alaskan King Crab

I am sure you have seen the deadly catch. Those men brave the most tumultuous seas to provide the world with Alaskan King. The Alaskan King Crab Co. is opportunity to see what the fuss is about. They are know for the quality and stand behind sustainable fishing with species of king crab, salmon, cod, halibut and shrimp as their specialty. With overnight wishing available for orders over 4lb, this will add the surf to any summer get together.

5. Cameron's Seafood

Seafood Delivery Service Offering a Large Variety of Seafood Options

Cameron's Seafood is the largest fresh seafood retailer in the state of Maryland. Started over 30 years ago with a goal to have affordable seafood and seafood dishes, they have grow to 14 different location in the Maryland, Washington DC & Pennsylvania areas.

Maryland Blue Crab is their specialty but they also offer Shrimp, Lobster, Shell Fish, and Fresh Fish. Every morning they receive the catches from the local crabbers in Maryland, allowing them to ship you the freshest Crab Maryland can offer. Their Maine Lobster is also available for overnight shipping so their is not much time between when you order and when it is at your door.

6. Giovanni's Fish Market & Galley

Seafood Delivery Service Offering a Large Variety of Seafood Options

Giovanni's Fish Market and Galley is located in Morro Bay, California. With a strategic waterfront location, they have quick access to fresh local sustainable catch from local fishermen.

With over 100 seafood options to pick from, Giovanni's is a one stop shop for all your seafood needs. Although they have a large and diverse selection of seafood, they have been family owned for over 30 years. They are known for their premium selections and great prices. Offering overnight delivery on all orders, you can have a taste of Californian seafood right at your door.

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