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Types of Florida Crab – Which is Right for You?

Jul 20, 2023 | Stone Crab Tips

Crab fans, rejoice! Florida has a delectable array of crabs that will satisfy your palate. From delectable Stone Crabs to magnificent Alaskan King Crabs, the Sunshine State has diverse seafood alternatives.

This post will look at four different varieties of Florida crabs and help you decide which one is best for you. So put on your bib and prepare to enter the world of Florida crabs!

Stone Crab

Florida’s Treasure

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Stone Crab, also known technically as Menippe mercenaria, is a real Florida delicacy. Seafood enthusiasts widely seek this crab due to its sweet and delicious flesh. The claws of the Stone Crab are typically gathered and served with a spicy mustard sauce.

The crab is recognized for its toughness since it can renew its claws, allowing for more sustainable fishing tactics. The Stone Crab is a fantastic choice for Florida Crabs since it has a distinct flavor and promotes responsible fishing.

The shell of the Stone Crab is a distinctive brownish tint with black speckles. Its body is modest compared to its amazing claws, which may grow six inches long. The claws are the show’s star, with juicy, sweet, and delicate flesh. Stone Crabs are often obtained using traps and are prized by crab lovers for their outstanding meat-to-shell ratio.

To appreciate the wonderful flavor of Stone Crab claws, they are normally steamed or boiled quickly before being cooled to enhance their sweetness. The claws are served cracked, with diners dipping them in a spicy mustard sauce or melted butter to taste the rich flesh.

In Florida, the Stone Crab season normally spans from October to May, assuring a fresh and plentiful supply for seafood fans during those months.

Alaskan King Crab

Fit for Royalty

King Crab Legs

When it comes to crabs, the Alaskan King Crab reigns supreme. These crabs are a seafood lover’s dream, thanks to their enormous size and juicy legs. They are native to Alaska’s icy seas but have found their way to Florida’s culinary scene and have become a valued delicacy.

The flesh of the Alaskan King Crab is sweet and soft, making it ideal for decadent feasts. The Alaskan King Crab is for you if you’re looking for a lavish dining experience and appreciate the excitement of breaking open massive crab legs.

The Alaskan King Crab (Paralithodes camtschaticus) is the biggest of all commercially harvested crabs. They may reach enormous proportions, with some specimens weighing up to 25 pounds and having leg lengths of more than five feet. The crab’s attraction is enhanced by its unusual look, which includes a spiky shell and long, thick legs.

Harvesting Alaskan King Crabs is difficult since it entails navigating the hazardous Bering Sea. Large crab pots catch the crabs, which are then dragged aboard fishing vessels and meticulously processed to retain their remarkable quality. Their flesh is famous for its sweet, rich flavor and solid texture, making it perfect for various culinary dishes.

Steaming or boiling the legs and serving them with melted butter or a tangy dipping sauce is one of the most popular ways to eat Alaskan King Crab. The huge, meaty legs are a visual and culinary feast, giving a sumptuous and fulfilling dining experience.

Alaskan King Crab is frequently included at luxury seafood restaurants and on special occasions, adding grandeur to any meal.

Snow Crab

A Delicate Delight

Snow Crab Legs

The delicate, flaky flesh and slightly sweet flavor of snow crab, technically known as Chionoecetes opilio, are well known. These crabs, native to the cold seas of the North Atlantic and North Pacific oceans, have found a home in Florida’s seafood cuisine.

Snow crab legs are popular among individuals who like a milder flavor and a softer texture. Their attractive look and ease of use make them popular at seafood boils and informal parties. The Snow Crab will not disappoint if you seek a crab with a delicate taste profile and a touch of elegance.

Snow crabs are distinguished by their elongated, spindly legs and reddish-brown shell. They are smaller than Alaskan King Crabs yet provide significant quantities of meat. The highlight is the leg meat, which has a delicate texture that flakes easily and a delicately sweet flavor.

Snow Crab legs are commonly cooked, boiled, or baked to prepare. The cooking technique brings out the crab’s inherent sweetness while preserving its soft texture. Snow crab legs are frequently served with melted butter or a citrus-infused dipping sauce to complement their delicate flavor. Snow Crab is a popular choice for individuals who like a fuss-free seafood experience due to the ease of shattering the legs and retrieving the flesh.

The Dungeness Crab

A West Coast Treasure

dungeness legs 3

The Dungeness Crab, technically known as Metacarcinus magister, originated on the West Coast but has since become a favorite of Florida’s seafood scene. These crabs are well-known for their sweet and somewhat nutty flavor, which goes well with various cuisines.

Their reddish-brown shell and large size distinguishes Dungeness Crabs. They may grow up to 10 inches wide, and their meat is mostly located in their enormous, strong claws and body. The flesh has a delicate yet rich flavor frequently characterized as sweet with a nuttiness.

To fully appreciate the taste of Dungeness Crab, the crabs are usually cooked or boiled. Once cooked, the tender meat may be utilized in various dishes, including crab cakes and bisques, or just savored. Dungeness Crab is extremely adaptable and provides a luxurious touch to any seafood recipe.

Important Considerations

There are a few aspects to consider while selecting the best Florida crab for your palate:

Flavor: Each variety of crab has its flavor characteristic. Choose whether you want a sweet, subtle, or powerful flavor.

Texture: Think about the texture of the crab meat: do you want it soft and flaky or meaty and substantial?

Size: Some crabs, such as the Alaskan King Crab, are large and give generous quantities of flesh, while others, such as the Snow Crab, are smaller and more delicate.

Availability varies based on the time of year and your region. Think about which crabs are easily available to you.


Florida has a wonderful variety of crabs to suit all tastes and preferences. Whether you’re looking for the sweet juiciness of the Stone Crab, the Alaskan King Crab’s grandeur, the Snow Crab’s delicate joy, or the Dungeness Crab’s nutty richness, there’s a Florida crab for you.

Take your time exploring the tastes, textures, and techniques of preparation associated with each variety of crab. Take advantage of the opportunity to savor these wonderful crustaceans and enhance your dining experiences.

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