Types of King Crab

Apr 17, 2024 | Seafood Delivery

King Crab Legs

A Guide to All Types of King Crabs

When it comes to culinary royalty, few creatures rule the undersea kingdom like the majestic King Crab. Renowned for their colossal claws and succulent, sweet meat, King Crabs have captured the hearts (and appetites) of seafood aficionados around the world. But not all Kings are created equal. Take a deep dive into the types of King Crab to learn about their flavors, habitats, and why they’re an excellent addition to your seafood table.

1. Alaskan King Crab – Where the Reign Began

The very name ‘Alaskan King Crab’ evokes images of rugged seas and treacherous fishing grounds. This robust crab, also known as the red king crab or the Alaska king crab, claims the spotlight in seafood markets and gourmet restaurants worldwide.

Colossal vs. Jumbo – A Sizeable Distinction

Colossal Alaskan King Crab are known for their immense size and are the largest of all crabs caught across the globe. Their massive, powerful claws contain a wealth of delectable meat, sure to satisfy the heartiest of appetites. On the other claw, Jumbo-size Alaskan King Crabs are no less impressive, with slightly smaller proportions but still yielding hefty portions of meat perfect for any feast.

Flavor Profile: Alaskan King Crab boasts a rich, sweet taste, and tender texture, making it a delicacy of the highest order. This sought-after crab is best enjoyed steamed, broiled, or grilled to bring out its natural sweetness and succulence.

Habitat: These Kings hold dominion in the icy waters of the Bering Sea, drawing in fishermen with their prized catch.

types of king crab

2. Golden King Crab – The Regal Rarity

While not as spotlight-hungry as its Alaskan Red cousin, the Golden King Crab, or the brown crab, offers a distinct flavor and rarity that make it a true gem among seafood enthusiasts.

Unique Features: Smaller in size compared to Alaskan Red Crabs and other types of king crabs, the Golden variety is known for its spikier, brownish shell, with pronounced yellow tones that shimmer like the precious metal it’s named after.

Culinary Uses: The Golden King Crab’s meat boasts a mildly sweet flavor and a tender texture. Typically, only the legs and a portion of the body yield sufficient meat, making every bite an exclusive indulgence.

Regions: Ranging from the Bering Sea to the Aleutian Islands, the Golden King Crab can also be found in parts of the North Pacific and the irrational exuberance of the Gulf of Alaska.

3. Blue King Crab: The Icy Giant with a Subtle Taste

About the Blue King Crab: Native to the icy waters around Alaska, Russia, and Norway, the Blue King Crab, is a cold water inhabitant with a mild flavor that sets it apart. With a shell that is colored in shades from bluish to reddish, it’s an impressive sight.

Texture and Flavor: The firm texture and mildly sweet taste make it a favorite for gourmands who prefer a subtler crab flavor that can be enjoyed on its own or in dishes where other ingredients shine.

Notable Locations: You’ll typically find the Blue King Crab in the coldest waters of the North Pacific Ocean and Barents Sea, caught by local fishermen.

Health Benefits Fit for a Monarch

Like all seafood, the King Crab’s bounty offers a wealth of health benefits. All types of king crab have meat that is a rich source of protein, low in fat, and high in omega-3 fatty acids, aiding in heart health. With essential vitamins and minerals such as B12, zinc, copper, and more, the King Crab’s indulgence is not only satisfying but nourishing.

Serving Tips: Enjoy King Crab legs as a standalone meal with a side of drawn butter, or add the succulent meat to your favorite pasta, salad, or dip for a luxurious twist.

When It’s Time to Feast

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For those with an unyielding passion for premium seafood, the allure of King Crab is downright irresistible. Each type offers its own regal experience, adding a dash of oceanic opulence to your dinner table. Whether you’re a first-time taster or a seasoned connoisseur, the world of King Crab is a fascinating one, rich in flavor and fit for a king.