How To Prep Your Stone Crab Claws

Feb 3, 2022 | Stone Crab Tips

After receiving your Holy Crab Stone Crab Claws, there is minimal prep work. We will walk you through how to prep stone crab claws from cleaning to enjoying!

How to Prep Your Stone Crabs:

No cooking or boiling necessary! Our Florida stone crab claws come pre-cooked and ready to serve.

2 Steps to Prep Your Florida Stone Crabs:

1. Your stone crab claws will ship overnight with frozen gel packs. Remove the stone crab claws from your delivery box.

2. Place the stone crab on a plate or a container without a lid, and store them in your refrigerator.

How to Serve Stone Crabs:

There are a few ways to prepare stone crabs. The most popular and easiest way to eat stone crab is cold(which we recommend),on a bed of ice with our famous Holy Crab dipping sauce! Your Holy Crab will come pre-cooked so there is no cooking necessary. Stone crab is a very versatile food and can also be served warm!

If you prefer your stone crab to stay succulent and the water texture maintained then you should opt to steam or boil your crabmeat. Grilling or baking the stone crab claws is an excellent way to have succulent & firm meat. If you prefer the crabmeat to be less watery than regular boiling.

Tips for Cracking Holy Crab Stone Crab:

Use a mallet or the back of a big heavy spoon to gently crack the claws and the knuckles.


Apply gentle force when cracking the claws, then remove the shells from the claw meat and the meat in the two knuckles. It’s better to give the claw some whacks on both sides of it. This will help you to peel off the shell easily without damaging the meat.

Peel, dip in Holy Crab’s Special Dipping Sauce, and eat! Enjoy.

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