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Treat Your Guests to Dungeness Crab

Dungeness Crab is the pacific northwest’s most coveted cuisine.

With its sweet, briny flavor, delicate taste, and flaky texture along with its beautiful bright orange shell once cooked, it’s no wonder why it’s been coveted by seafood lovers around the world since they were first caught by fisherman dating back to 1848 in Dungeness, Washington.

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Responsibly Harvested Dungeness Crab Meat

Holy Crab has partnered with fisheries in Washington to provide this delicacy for your next gathering.

Dungeness Crab fisheries must meet specific guidelines before the tasty crustacean reaches your plate. Unique to the sustainability of Dungeness Crab is that all catches must be male in gender and be larger than 6 inches.

According to the Washington Department of Fish & Wildlife, a handful of areas off the coast of Washington allows for year-round crabbing.

Unmatched Dungeness Crab Quality

Easy and versatile, our Dungeness Crab Clusters can be served warm or cold and can be enjoyed with a wide variety of sides and easy to make into the famous Crab Louie salad – the perfect appetizer for your next gathering.

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