Florida Stone Crab History

Jul 11, 2022 | Stone Crab Facts

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The Stone Crab history begins in the 1890s. Stone Crabs have been harvested by Florida Fishermen since the early 1890s. During that time, the fishermen were trying to source spiny lobster. It was by accident that the fishermen were finding these Stone Crabs in their traps.

Stone Crab History

Ernest Hamilton is said the be the man who started and established the retail of Stone Crabs in a commercial sense, as it was truly only enjoyed and consumed by the fishermen who found them in their traps and to their close family and friends. Hamilton hooked up with Stone Crab, Inc. aka Joe’s Stone Crab, and as the saying goes – the rest is history.

Miami, Florida had a boom during the roaring 1920’s. During this time, the Miami harbor was dredged and the Stone Crabs started moving south towards the Florida Keys. As more and more fishermen started realizing the new wave of tourism coming to South Florida and the high price point of Stone Crabs, the Florida Dept. of Fish and Wildlife had to step in to help preserve the population of these crustaceans.

The Season of Stone Crabs

It is now, that we find ourselves today, with these crustaceans only being in season from October 15 – May 1. Holy Crab Delivery opened its doors in Coral Gables, Florida inside MKT Kitchen in 2020 along with its “online market” to allow all guests nationwide to enjoy this rich delicacy and be a part of the continuous and growing South Florida legacy.

Our mission has always been to partner with local Florida Keys Fisherman and to source the freshest Stone Crabs direct to our customers to allow them to create memories with friends and loved ones that will last a lifetime.

Stone Crab Shipping Experts

All Holy Crab Delivery sold for its first two seasons was Stone Crabs. To this day, we pride ourselves in only sourcing, serving, and shipping fresh never frozen stone crabs. With that, you’ll never find us freezing or offering stone crabs during the off-season.