Our Service Guarantee

Our Service Guarantee


We literally do not even own a freezer! We offer a 100% Freshness Guarantee on all of our orders up to 20 lbs. Holy Crab and our local fishing partners only ship crabs that have been caught within 24 hrs. We have defined safe shipping procedures for temperature-controlled delivery methods as well as supplying consumers with storage information and insight about our product’s shelf life. However, sometimes even with the greatest of care, something can go wrong. That is why we offer a flexible refund and return policy.

If your order is bad you simply contact us, fill out a refund form and return at least 80% of the product based on the weight of the original order to us within 24 hours of receipt of your order. Upon review of the returned product and clearance of the form, we will credit back your money or replace your product less than the cost of shipping the new order.


1) Call or email Holy Crab within 24hrs of receipt of the Product.

2) Download and fill out the return form sent to you via email as per your request to initiate your return option for your purchase. Email back to us and keep a copy for your records.

3) Print out the shipping label we send you.

4) Re-package at least 80% of orders and ship back via Fed-Ex. For local Miami-Dade orders, we will be back to pick it up at no charge within 24 hrs.

5) Once received we will confirm and process your refund.

Shipping FAQ

It will take between 7-14 days from when we receive the product.

We will send you a return shipping label via email.

We require the return of the product to document the loss of the crabs and discourage fraudulent complaints.

We have received a number of false complaints over the years and require this to protect us legally against fraud.


Delivery Instructions

When placing your order there will be a box for Delivery Instructions. Ex. “The greenhouse at top of the Cresent.” or “I am in a wheel-chair, knock hard and come in please”.

What Happens If I’m Not at Home?

When you place your order, we advise that you select a time that you will be at home. When your order is picked up by the driver, you will receive a notification via email/txt.

In the rare event that you will not make the specified delivery time, please respond to the driver’s message and inform them of the situation and what works best. We will do our best to accommodate changes, but in the interest of other deliveries, we must come to a solution promptly. If the driver arrives on location and no one is home, the driver will contact you using the contact information provided for further instructions. Ultimately, your order may return to our store and you may potentially be charged for the delivery costs. Such conclusions will be left to the discretion of the merchant (Holy Crab).